Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Shows all four players simultneously

Our Price: $249.99

MSRP: $299.99

Description: 40 games with 179 options including 7 cricket games. 8 player LED score display. 4 player shown simultaneously. Includes 7 cricket games. Optional 3 level "Heckler". Dart averaging for '01 games. Scrolling display shows opening greeting, game and option menu and individual dart scores during play. Tournament spider in trademarked tournament colors. Regulation 15.5" target area and selectable bulls-eye. Bounce out amend feature. Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs. Play on and ranking feature. Single in/out, double in/out features. Solo play feature. Sleep mode and reset feature. One year warranty against defects. 6 soft-tip darts & extra tips. AC adapter. Mounting hardware. Game instructions. Operating manual. This is the ultimate in electronic soft-tip dartboards.

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